Working with references in PDF files

For references on web pages you can use the bookmarklet I have called W?. However that only works on web pages, not in PDF files.

Qiqqa is a good program to work with references in PDF files directly, but you have to handle them one-by-one. Here is how to do it:

  1. Install Qiqqa (requires Windows, unfortunately).
  2. Add your PDF file to Qiqqa (the Local Guest Library works fine for this).
  3. Open the PDF in Qiqqa.
  4. Click on Metadata (in the column to the right of the PDF in the current layout).
  5. Then click on Sniffer.
  6. In Sniffer you can just select some text an Qiqqa will use that to look it up in Google Scholar or PubMed (you can choose).

For more about importing references from a PDF files to Zotero see the discussion Zotero Forums – Importing the references from a PDF files.


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