Some useful bookmarklets

  • W?

    Click on a word and then select from a popup menu where to look it up. (Click on a second word for a range of words.) Choices are major search engines, dictionaries, GMail, Google Groups, Zotero etc + DOI, PubMed etc. Customizeable.

  • XCPath Bookmarklet

    This is for those interested in developing the so called site translators that are used to save a reference to Zotero by just one click. You can find more information if you go to the page for this bookmarklet. (Perhaps you do not know that all the other major players in the field of scientific reference databases also uses the site translators developed by people using Zotero?)


Depreceated: Use W? instead
This bookmarklet converts DOI ids etc to links.

nicabm Helpers
If you find the format of nicabm free news letters a bit hard to read or print this can help you. (I think they have changed the layout. Quite inconvenient so I myself does not read the pages any more.)


CAS Login
Fill in CAS login screen with this bookmarklet.

Outside hub for Zotero

I wrote a special bookmarklet for our Zotero group library. I do not think it is very useful any more.

The bookmarklet is called Outside hub for Zotero and is customized for our Zotero library. The main purpose of the bookmarklet is to make it easy to connect items in the Zotero library with discussions. To find out more about this bookmarklet go to its install page.



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