My initial intention was that the entries in our Zotero library should be discussed in the Google group From Some Psychologists. This has however never happened. So the comments below regarding the discussions does not really apply. I keep them however, maybe things will change in the future.

Where are then the discussions taking place? And how could they be found? Most of the discussions are taking place in the “secret” Facebook group Psykologer, which is a group only for psychologist (and dito students). Unfortunately this is in Swedish so you can’t take part if you do not speak Swedish.

If you know about good discussions for some entries or for example good blog entries about them then you are very welcome to inform us.


The text below are my initial thoughts which I keep here for a possible future:

Anyone can read the discussions there, but you have to be a member to post.

You can of course discuss wherever you want, but the benefits of discussing here is that with the help of the bookmarklet you and others can easily find the discussions for an item in our Zotero library. Just go to the item in the library and open the bookmarklet and click on the “Search Google group” button.

I expect the discussions to evolve around different aspects of the entries (research articles etc), like:

  • Usefulness of an entry
  • Additional information
  • Contradicting information
  • Possible problems with the entry (are conclusions correct? etc)

Note that all the persons who have contributed to research almost always has done so with the best of intent. So try to do the same when you are criticizing. Please be kind and respectful.

Tips about what to look for

As a rescent example of (… to be continued …;-)


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