This blogg is about some tools that may help you find and share research and other information that might be useful for psychologists and others interested in psychology/psychiatry:

And there is an enormous resource: You and others that are interested in sharing with others.

Purpose: Collect and Comment

The purpose of the Zotero library and the mailing list/forum is to share and discuss research and other information that can be useful for anyone interested in psychology and its relation to our health and society.

Scientific research is a good and useful tool. However, as John P. A. Ioannidis and others have pointed out, a surprisingly large amount of medical research (especially about psycho-pharmacological drugs) seems to be wrong because of bias and sheer mistakes. Of course, research about psychology may also be wrong – it is sometimes a very difficult area to do research in (depending on what you want to do).

So some research articles (and other information sources) are really good and useful and should be collected for that reason. However other research articles are outdated or misleading and should be commented on for that reason. The idea is to improve the usefulness of the research by collecting and commenting.

Find it, discuss it

I really do not know if this purpose will work in practice, but I am hopeful. I think it can only be really useful if you and many people want to contribute.

How to participate

Everyone can read the Zotero library and the discussions (if you have access to them). If you want to contribute to the Zotero library or the discussion then follow the links above.


You can contact me here: Lennart Borgman


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