Our Zotero library

Our Zotero group library (Zotero | Groups > From Some Psychologists) contains references for research and articles about psychology and psychiatry. The focus is on articles which could be interesting for professional psychologists.

The idea however is that anyone with knowledge and interest in discussing research or related information should be able to contribute. Anyone can read the library but you have to get permissions to change it.

You can search the library quickly here:   Search items in our Zotero library

I think an entry may often be much more useful if there is some discussion about it. So I really welcome discussions!

What to contribute to the library

Please see the introduction and the discussion page for ideas of what to contribute.

If you want to contribute an article that you think is (partly) bad then a difficult question is where to put the information about the problem. I do not know whether the best is to put this information as a note to the article or post a new message with the information. Maybe both? (Since some people might be just reading the library.)

Who has contributed to our Zotero library?

The entries are currently mostly from discussions in the facebook group Psykologer (which means “Psychologists”) with some Swedish psychologists who have generously contributed references there. (Not all of the references mentioned there are added to our Zotero library. More will be added.)

If you want to contribute to our Zotero library then please contact me.


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